Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Final Post

At least on here! If you want the new site address, email me and I'll send you the link.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?
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Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

This is an excellent essay on judgment. It is a heated debate in churches, and leads one to the purpose of church to look good? Or is the purpose to reach others? Yet another time to look the example of Christ, which the church proclaims to do. A little, "Practice what you preach," might go a long way. Link discovered courtesy of Bill's Comments.

Monday, November 14, 2005


When I first read about the Alito nomination, one of the first things I read - once liberals got past his stance on abortion - that he had supported a strip search of a 10 year old girl. Of course, with those spare details, can't you just picture the police storming your house, ransacking your furniture, and ripping the clothes off your children? In this article, I see a slightly different twist. It was the daughter of an alleged drug dealer. As many may know from just watching the night-time soaps, drug dealers often hide drugs on their children to avoid discovery. And in reality, Judge Alito upheld a vote for the strip search; he did not unilateraly say it was a good idea. It is a rather tough call, and you'd have to know the situation before you jumped on the idea of police strip-searching children. Certainly a much different spin on things once you get the details. Link courtesy of the AnalPhilosopher.


Maybe I fell off the planet yesterday, but I could have sworn that "pro-life" is a typically conservative viewpoint. So perhaps someone could explain to me why it is so surprising to liberals that Alito is pro-life. Could be me....but Bush is a convervative - okay, we'll call him a Republican - and he is pro-life. Why on God's green earth would anyone expect him to nominate a pro-choice nominee? If liberals are truly as surprised as they act, they are a bit dimmer than I initially thought.

"Unlike Chief Justice John Roberts, Alito says these are his own strong personal views, and not just those of the administration he was working for," said Ralph Neas, head of the liberal People for the American Way. "Combined with his judicial record, Judge Alito's letter underscores our concern that he would vote to turn back the clock on decades of judicial precedent protecting privacy, equal opportunity, religious freedom, and so much more." (emphasis mine)

Really? Well, shoot - I don't even know why we bothered with the civil rights movement, when making abortions legal has cured all the injustices in society. No wonder liberals hate us conservatives. Here we are, trying to make people be responsible for their behavior, and in doing so we will be aggressing privacy, eliminating equal opportunity, denying religious freedom....why, who knows what else? Who'd of thought irresponsible behavior could bring so much liberation to the world?

Friday, November 11, 2005

When Pink Turns Yellow

Read here. I have always been one to get my point across....and I have no problem being bold about the things I am passionate about. There is a time and a place, however, and these idiots have neither a watch or a map, apparently.


Because I am laughing too damn hard over this. Thanks to the evil nekkid farmer for the link. The point here, and I hope no one is missing this, is that you can't demand things YOUR way and think that no one else is going to argue, when your demand is going to affect the lives of others. I am a Christian. I am at a point in my life where I can say that without shame. I also do not believe the Bible is infallible, or that we must put on blinders to serve God. When you read that website, think of it this way. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but think of what Christians sound like - THEY SAY THE SAME THINGS. And it sounds outrageous. I once had a pastor argue with me that there were never dinosaurs on the earth. I said, "Well, how do you explain to your little boy, when you go into the museums, that that huge bone structure is not real, when it is in front of his eyes?" The pastor had the decency to look sheepish, and answered, "I tell him that there are things we won't understand now, but that we have to have faith in God that it will be explained in the end." Okay, now that is crazy-making. Here is a skeleton of bones from a dinosour, but we know God didn't make dinosaurs, so this doesn't really exist despite the fact that we can reach out and touch it....let's go to the gift shop, instead. People! You can't sound like a nincompoop and think others are going to hop on your bandwagon - unless you are Jim Jones, I suppose. A little common sense is a wonderful thing here.... It is natural to believe in something greater than ourselves. None of us will know the full truth until the end of things, but for goodness sakes, stop sounding like a bunch weirdos and use the brain God gave you. One of my favorite things that I hear from Christians is that the things we don't understand we may never understand, but (hopefully) some of it the Big Guy will explain to us when we get to wherever we are going. Okay, I'm good with that. Then who are YOU to stand on absolutes and judge others when you don't have all the answers either?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Redesigned, Baby!

Who Moved My Truth will soon be moving. The Marvelous, Mysterious Sadie herself will be giving me a facelift - well, my site, anyway, and we'll be moving onto greener, and more reliable, pastures. So stay tuned.

Fake I.D.

All I ask for is a little patience. And what do I get, but evil nekkid farmers blasting away on me. Sheesh - give a red head some room, will ya? Okay, Small Holder, enjoy the moment because I'll probably take this part of the post down tomorrow. YOU ARE RIGHT. There. I said it. Now let me alone so I can wail in my indignity. Okay, back to our scheduled programming. I don't need to read the trail notes and boring jargon. I just need to hear the idiocy of the televangelists over the evening news.
"I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city," Robertson said on the Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club."
Source Could someone please shut these idiots up, and fast? It is an absolute insult to those of us who actually like to hang with the Big Guy. 1. Excuse me, Mr. Robertson, did you notice that SECOND part of your Bible? I think the lable says something like, NEW TESTAMENT? Seems to me the guy in that part of the story was bringing the whores to God. I hardly think a change of school board equals that. 2. At judgment day, please stand downwind from me. I don't feel like being cinged when God gets to you. The nerve of these jerks, dictating the reaction of a higher power. Where the heck do they get off? But I digress....The entire evening news shows were covered with this "controversy." Let me let y'all in on a little known secret....I graduated from a religious school. I know, I know, I will wait for you to get up off the floor. Better? Good. That being said, I would NEVER send my children to a private school for religious purposes. They distort and twist the Bible to suit their needs, and that is common practice in religious schools. I went to 10 different schools, so I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on the student experience. If you want religion in your children's education, home-school them. For goodness sakes, don't let some teacher or school district determine what interpretation of God and the Bible they are going to follow. As we see by the example of the (self)righteous Mr. Robertson, they may forget that second half of Biblical teaching. Not to mention, suppose the school district elects a Muslim I want to see all the backing for religion in schools then, 'k? So I am against ID in schools. Stick with science. If the religious folks don't get their heads out of their keisters and see that religion in schools is not going to fix the problem, I don't know what to tell you. If you want to fix the problem in schools, fix the families. Yes, God can definitely assist there. Meanwhile, teach your beliefs to your children, and I'll teach my beliefs to mine. Side Note: If I were a guy, and my nickname was "small" "holder," I'd start to wonder what people might think about me. I mean, what exactly is he holding that is so small?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

On Fire!

Amy Ridenour has some great posts today, including.... Gun Control in San Francisco. This is just common stupidity. Crazy people should go free. I was just discussing this with someone the other day. She insisted that the woman was mentally ill. Well, duh. I do not think that entitles anyone to be free again, when they have committed a heinous act. So she is sick....let her get prison.

Imposing Religion?

Dover, PA will not be a haven of Intelligent Design teaching, if the recent school board elections are any indication. However, this statement is just awe-inspiring.

The school board voted in October 2004 to require ninth grade biology students to hear a brief statement at the start of the semester saying that there were "gaps" in the theory of evolution, that intelligent design was an alternative and that students could learn more about it by reading a textbook "Of Pandas and People," available in the high school library. The board was sued by 11 Dover parents who contended that intelligent design was religious creationism in new packaging, and that the board was trying to impose its religion on students. [emphasis mine]

Let me understand this. Letting kids know that evolution has some holes - otherwise known as academic honesty - and that there are other possibilities out there to explain those holes....this is forcing religion on kids? And what the hell do you call making them read the qur'An as part of their religions of the world studies? Suggesting kids can read about other ideas about the creation of the world - possibly even expand their mind and understanding of other people in the world - is imposing religion, but having children read the Muslim holy book - the basis of the Islam faith - is just cultural studies? Crazy-making, people. Crazy-making....

Silent Concessions

I am not surprised, though disappointed, by this article in the The New York Times. What is wrong with parents today? I was NEVER allowed to scream in a restaurant. This isn't expecting children to act like adults. Adults don't get to color in their menus. It is expecting children to use some self-control. What parent allows their child to scream, romp, etc. in a restaurant? I can remember, years ago, when the signs became popular that said, "What little fingers break, big fingers buy." If your child misbehaves, you (the parent) have to deal with the consequences. Allowing children to behave like animals is not acceptable in public. There are other people in restaurants and shops that do not feel like dealing with your inability to parent. Why should they? Why is with the superiority attitude of parents today? "I have children - you don't. I'm special." Please. No one expects a baby or toddler to be a perfect child at the dinner table. Children are going to be rebellious, scream, get mad, etc. That does not mean it is acceptable to allow their behavior to make the rest of those around you miserable. You remove them from the situation, deal with the behavior - whether they are sick, misbehaving, whatever - and then you can return to your meal. That is parenting - it is inconvenient, frustrating, and changes your level of freedom. To allow your child to interrupt the evening of others is unacceptable, and teaches children nothing. Teaching your children that they must respect those around them is a valuable lesson. There again, their parents have to have that respect first.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How Long Before He Is Really Raking It In....

"This, of course, can in some way hurt his career as a professional ballplayer, and all will depend on the way in which he is brought before justice," defense lawyer Jose Luis Tamayo said.
Source. Really? Ya think? I'd hate to think he might lose his career for a petty murder charge. I mean, if he's convicted, that just makes him a better ball player, right? He'll be murderous on the field. And at the end of the article - in which the author mentioned that he was arrested for allegedly hacking up employees with machetes and trying to set fire to them - we have this: "The 31-year-old Urbina has a 44-49 record with 237 saves and a 3.45 ERA in 11 seasons." Thank goodness....hate to think we forgot to mention the important stuff.

Monday, November 07, 2005


I want a different template for my blog....but I don't have the time to mess with the html....especially with as much as a novice as I am. Does anyone (anyone out there?) have any suggestions for a quick fix for this sorry site?

I Just Can't Help Myself!

I love this woman!

Blogger Mishaps?

This is an interesting story. This professor made a post, was criticized, and then responded again. I give the guy credit for explaining himself. I doubt he is as awful as he is made out by his commentors! And I daresay, he will think twice before he posts again! In his defense, you often post things that are merely for expression purposes, not to be judged by the world at large. However, blogs are certainly out there for everyone to read. Easy to forget....Lord knows, I've had things I've said taken out of context and I was left to try to make sense out of the pieces.


Well, now that my fifteen minutes are over, here is what I overheard in the locker room. "They are already living together....why bother with a wedding?" Okay, here is the deal - you don't like them living together.....but you complain that they are getting married. Make up your mind! And for goodness sakes, don't put down a step in the right direction (in your mind). (Same person) "And they are going to make my parents drive [two hours] all the way down there...." and in the same conversation, "....and the drive to Florida every year is taking a toll on them." So it is too much to drive two hours to see your relative get married, but that Florida trip is just starting to take a toll. Go figure. And yes, I enjoy listening in on conversations, when people talk loud enough for the next county to hear.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm Famous, Dahling, Famous!

See - I'm so important, they put in me in the local paper! (Har, har, har....) Article on Blogging. Article on local bloggers, which includes a stunning picture of moi. You cannot - oh darn! - the see the stunning photography on the free site, so you'll just have to envision and slobber. Oh, aren't I amusing?