Friday, November 04, 2005

A Wonderful, Strange New World

I was pondering the effect blogging has had on my life. While I've been a bit remiss on my blogging schedule, that does not mean I don't keep up with my favorite blogs. However, if a couple of years ago you would have told me I would be reading and e-mailing in response to online diaries, I'd have clocked you one (I was less peace-loving then, too). Now, on this side of the blogsphere, I feel much differently. I now regularly e-mail people I've never even seen photos of, sharing joys and grief and frustrations. I find myself smiling at the antics of Evil Nudists, Hatemongers named "Chip," and cute Jewish women. I've sent letters to bloggers in need of support, admired the photographic talents of political pundits, and shook my head at the male diva. I've missed the Musings and Ephemera, and Mr. and Mrs. Du Toit. Funny how people you've never met have profound effects on your life. Had it not been from a little encouragement from an anal-retentive philosopher, I might have never experienced it. Thanks, Keith. Blogging has not been my easiest experience. I've offended some, lost friends, made friends, learned about myself, hated myself, and been proud of myself. I've proved teachers wrong, parents wrong, and countless others who believed in me....right. I've fought against bureaucracy and risked my job; given up, given in, and come out swinging. I've denied God. I've begged Him for hope and mercy. This might not be traditional therapy, but it has been my life's work, in many ways. And that will probably only be understood by those who know me well. All the best, folks. 'Til tomorrow....Al.