Monday, November 14, 2005


Maybe I fell off the planet yesterday, but I could have sworn that "pro-life" is a typically conservative viewpoint. So perhaps someone could explain to me why it is so surprising to liberals that Alito is pro-life. Could be me....but Bush is a convervative - okay, we'll call him a Republican - and he is pro-life. Why on God's green earth would anyone expect him to nominate a pro-choice nominee? If liberals are truly as surprised as they act, they are a bit dimmer than I initially thought.

"Unlike Chief Justice John Roberts, Alito says these are his own strong personal views, and not just those of the administration he was working for," said Ralph Neas, head of the liberal People for the American Way. "Combined with his judicial record, Judge Alito's letter underscores our concern that he would vote to turn back the clock on decades of judicial precedent protecting privacy, equal opportunity, religious freedom, and so much more." (emphasis mine)

Really? Well, shoot - I don't even know why we bothered with the civil rights movement, when making abortions legal has cured all the injustices in society. No wonder liberals hate us conservatives. Here we are, trying to make people be responsible for their behavior, and in doing so we will be aggressing privacy, eliminating equal opportunity, denying religious freedom....why, who knows what else? Who'd of thought irresponsible behavior could bring so much liberation to the world?