Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Imposing Religion?

Dover, PA will not be a haven of Intelligent Design teaching, if the recent school board elections are any indication. However, this statement is just awe-inspiring.

The school board voted in October 2004 to require ninth grade biology students to hear a brief statement at the start of the semester saying that there were "gaps" in the theory of evolution, that intelligent design was an alternative and that students could learn more about it by reading a textbook "Of Pandas and People," available in the high school library. The board was sued by 11 Dover parents who contended that intelligent design was religious creationism in new packaging, and that the board was trying to impose its religion on students. [emphasis mine]

Let me understand this. Letting kids know that evolution has some holes - otherwise known as academic honesty - and that there are other possibilities out there to explain those holes....this is forcing religion on kids? And what the hell do you call making them read the qur'An as part of their religions of the world studies? Suggesting kids can read about other ideas about the creation of the world - possibly even expand their mind and understanding of other people in the world - is imposing religion, but having children read the Muslim holy book - the basis of the Islam faith - is just cultural studies? Crazy-making, people. Crazy-making....