Monday, November 07, 2005


Well, now that my fifteen minutes are over, here is what I overheard in the locker room. "They are already living together....why bother with a wedding?" Okay, here is the deal - you don't like them living together.....but you complain that they are getting married. Make up your mind! And for goodness sakes, don't put down a step in the right direction (in your mind). (Same person) "And they are going to make my parents drive [two hours] all the way down there...." and in the same conversation, "....and the drive to Florida every year is taking a toll on them." So it is too much to drive two hours to see your relative get married, but that Florida trip is just starting to take a toll. Go figure. And yes, I enjoy listening in on conversations, when people talk loud enough for the next county to hear.