Monday, November 14, 2005


When I first read about the Alito nomination, one of the first things I read - once liberals got past his stance on abortion - that he had supported a strip search of a 10 year old girl. Of course, with those spare details, can't you just picture the police storming your house, ransacking your furniture, and ripping the clothes off your children? In this article, I see a slightly different twist. It was the daughter of an alleged drug dealer. As many may know from just watching the night-time soaps, drug dealers often hide drugs on their children to avoid discovery. And in reality, Judge Alito upheld a vote for the strip search; he did not unilateraly say it was a good idea. It is a rather tough call, and you'd have to know the situation before you jumped on the idea of police strip-searching children. Certainly a much different spin on things once you get the details. Link courtesy of the AnalPhilosopher.