Monday, October 31, 2005

Idiots of the Pharmaceutical Persuasion

I was recently visiting with my doctor (don't you hate it when they charge you for what you thought was just a friendly chat?) and received two prescriptions in exchange for my check. The one is outrageously expensive, and I was in doubt that my "wonderful" benefits would cover it. The other was my allergy medication. For anyone who does not have allergies - among whom I used to lay my claim - let me tell you....just imagine having a year round cold, with the snot, sore throat, headache, body sore feelings that go with it. Those are my allergies. I only found out I had allergies because a couple of years ago I thought I had a cold that wouldn't quit. After a month of misery, I discovered that I had developed seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, no one informed my allergies that seasonal does not mean EVERY FRICKIN' SEASON, ALL SEASON LONG! Anyhoo, I sent in my prescriptions, only to be informed that my insurance will cover the $1196.00 prescription, but not my meager allergy prescription. To be honest, the super-expensive prescription I'd manage is a one-time treatment for an uncomfortable but not unlivable problem. HOWEVER, my allergy medication is a lifeline some days. Over the counter drugs have not been effective; not to mention, the prices are prohibitive for someone who has to take her medication daily. So this morning, as I woke up with a sinus headache so awful that my eyes could barely prop themselves open, I was not saying nice things about the pharmaceutical world....not nice things at all.