Monday, October 31, 2005

Grade Schoolers of Ill-Repute

I was reading the misgivings over children's clothing of ML of the Evil Nudists.
Then your Maximum Leader had to take Villainette #1 to Target to buy some socks, some tights, and a pair of dressy boots. Now your Maximum Leader wants to know something... When did it become acceptable for 8 year old girls to dress like painted whores? He doesn't recall anyone in his peer group dressing like a whore in 3rd grade. He doubts if he knew what a whore was in 3rd grade. But if you go to a Target you can see a number of "get-ups" that if they were worn in various combinations they would make your 8 year old look like a slut.
Not long after contemplating this statement, I found this article at the National Review Online. After reading this article, it took me back to a comment I made on the ML's discussion over father's rights. order for anything to be accomplished we would need to begin recognizing that 1. Clinton-defined sex causes births, 2. Children are not prepared to raise children. 3. Therefore, children should not have sex. Regardless of birth control, babies happen. I can't tell you how many people I have met who were using birth control and had an unexpected pregnancy (I've also met those who are not using birth control and had an unexpected pregnancy....but that is a story for a different day). This would also mean convincing an entire population of people who are insistent that their children (and yours) should have equal access to birth control and text books. To teach children to control their desires in the interest of others, is absolutely unacceptable, which would also explain the disappearance of child discipline. Thus, we have a quandary that one is hard-pressed to resolve. Common sense is on the decline, and erotic fascination is normal development, no matter that the individual is only 8. So there you have it.
My point - I'm getting to it - is that there is a vicious circle here. We dress our young girls as lascivious adults, become frustrated when some of the biggest influences in their lives support active sex lives for girls, and then wonder why we have children raising children, or worse yet, killing their own children. I've often commented on the clothing styles for young girls. I'm not a shy person and am aware that I have a decent body. I like to wear things that compliment my appearance....however, even I would never wear some of the styles I see in the girls' clothing section. It is as though all the reports we hear about sex offenders go in one ear and out the other. In addition, while it sounds nice to say, "I can be myself, follow my dreams, and always do my best. I can reach for the stars, lend a hand to others, and be a good friend. I can make a difference! I promise to try," I'm not really seeing anything in there about being responsible for one's life and decisions, either. Oh, wait a minute....that is what abortion is for. Sorry, brain-spasm there. Think about this attitude though. Girls can do whatever they want....nevermind that we hold the ONLY opportunity for life in our wombs. Yes, men have the fertilization part of life....but we carry and nuture it in our bodies. Like it or not, that carries a heavier responsibility with it. I'm not hearing that in our "girl power" mantras today. I'm hearing selfishness, power-hunger, and self-centered endeavors....none of which are all bad or inappropriate, when used in the right context. However, I've not been privey to how we are also teaching our girls about social responsibility, partnerships in relationships, and reality. I love being female - you couldn't pay me to be male. I enjoy the make-up, the dress-up, the giggling, the emotional sensitivity to others, the natural nurturing, multiple orgasms, etc. But it comes with a price-tag. That IS something we need to teach our girls to have well-adjusted, responsible adults. We seem to think it is sexist to point out our gender differences, rather than embrace that which sets us apart.