Friday, September 23, 2005

Tweetie Too!

It just keeps getting better and better. I love this article. Okay, so now we are dimming the lights to prevent birds from dying when they crash into the glass. This quote is priceless, "Even with a dimmed skyline, the problem of birds crashing into glass remains. Environmental groups are working with the construction industry to come up with glass that can be seen by birds, potentially by giving the glass a UV coating." ::Ally shrieks in laughter:: So let me get this straight: we are dimming the lights of the famous NY skyline, in order to prevent birds from crashing into buildings. However, it isn't working. Logic would dictate that we stop dimming the lights. Nope, not those illogical, bleeding-heart New Yorkers. No, no, we are going to try to create glass that can be seen by an animal that has been crashing into tall objects for years, yet manages to maintain an impressive population. And they are still dimming the lights. Even though it isn't working. Even though birds are still dying. ::More hysterical laughter:: You know, when I am at my lowest, and wonder how on earth I will ever make it when everyone around me seems to moving ahead faster, I have only to read the New York Times, and suddenly, I'm the smartest woman in the world. It's good to me.