Monday, September 26, 2005

Adolescent Inconsistencies

Here is yet another gem out there, that has me shaking my head. Why are we suddenly up-in-arms over what we feed children because it might be dangerous to them, because it isn't tested, yet we are aghast at the very notion about encouraging children to abstain from sex until a more appropriate, mature age? We can't be that concerned about their health when we object to protecting them from sexually transmitted diseases, emotional disaster, and early parenting. So what is the big deal with caffeine? It is akin to the big fuss being made over underage smoking. Who the !@#$ cares? I'm more concerned about the kids who are drinking and doing drugs, and having babies they can't afford or emotionally nurture. Those are the things that affect MY life, MY taxes, and the lives of MY children. If some idiot child wants to chain smoke and destroy their lungs, by all means....don't let me stand in your way. It is the drunk driver or the monster dealing to my kids that is going to get my ire. Why is it we are more worried about the things that are of little consequence, as compared to the things that make victims of the innocent?