Thursday, August 04, 2005

Profiling Revisited

The ACLU is being brilliant again. Apparently they are passing out t-shirts that say the person wearing the shirt will not submit to being searched. They are recommending the shirts for those riding the subway and other public transportation systems. With all the talks about how to make public transportation safer, the ACLU has apparently found their hole in which to crawl and fester.

This is why we risk losing our world power status. Other countries have military persons walking the streets, armed to the teeth, on the lookout and stopping and talking to people. You are grilled with questions if you look suspicious. These are countries with long histories, who understand terror and war. Here in the US, we don't even want to go through a metal dectector and be questioned when entering into a situation which recently meant death. Despite the daily threats, the videos with threats of more similar attacks to come, we Americans will have freedom.

Think of it this way. Look in the mirror. Suppose a unibomber has a similar physical description as you - would you be surprised if you were stopped on the street? Would you be surprised if you were searched before boarding a plane or entering a building? If you were surprised, then you're an idiot, and you should immediately stop reading this post. Reality is, we profile all the time. We give out descriptions of known criminals, and we profile individuals who look like these people. There is nothing racist or surprising about this. Here is another example. Suppose there was a sleeping nazi group, and suddenly there was a rash of murders of Jews. The nazi group was primarily made up of blue-eyed, blonde haired people, between the ages of 25-35. Hm. Who do you think we would be making side-glances at then? A black man in a suit? Or the light-haired governer with a tendency towards legalism?

This is REALITY, people. We don't live in that pre-9/11 world anymore - and we probably never should have. We walk around with the attitude that we are better, we are stronger, etc. And a small group of wackos nearly brought us to our knees. We don't learn from history - and we need to. Profiling is a necessary tool, and it is used in every other arena. We profile everyone, even in our own lives, because we don't want danger to touch our families. So wake up. In order to protect our families, we need to be willing to take a few extra minutes to walk through a metal detector, or have our packages or beings searched. Otherwise we will have our supposed freedom wrapped around our necks as we gasp for breath.