Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fat Chat

Geekgirl2 led me to this link. I read the article, and I'm left with a few thoughts that I'll put out there at random. 1. I have struggled with a weight problem all my life. Saying that, I live with the constant pressure of my weight and appearance. I go to the gym, so that I may eat what I want and feel better about myself. It is nearly a compulsion, and my guilt over NOT going is intense. 2. Yes, we CAN all lose weight. There are very few medical conditions that prevent such weight loss, and even fewer people that have them. However, it is not an easy thing, and our society does not teach moderation and structure. Everything around us says "indulge, you deserve it." Not to mention, we work under constant stress and struggle, and to try to add one more point of stress, especially to an area so many of us enjoy enitrely too much, is difficult. 3. The importance placed on perfect thighs, concave stomachs, and nearly (if not actually) anorexic images that grace the covers of magazines and prove popularity in the movies, put an impossible burden on women to attain unrealistic, and frequently dangerous levels of beauty. The normal woman - one with rounded stomach and full thighs - is determined obese by our national government. Where is a average woman to fit? 4. Weight loss comes down to long-suffering and dedication. Neither trait is lauded in our land. None of these offer an excuse for bad health and bad habits. But they are reasons, and while it is easy to throw rocks from your white tower, it takes a different knapsack to live down with the rest of us. Our health and our weight is frequently of our own making, and it is also up to us to correct it. But we also need to chide society - and hopefully bring about change - to create a more realistic image of women. Both actions must meet in the middle, or else to demand one without the other is a fool's wish.