Monday, August 08, 2005

Enjoying Life

I remember blogging something about wishing life would slow down - I think I wished for a "dull week." Life hasn't "slowed down" per se, but perhaps my expectations have become more realistic. I was listening to a CD about business and going after what you want. The woman speaking pointed out that watching a half-hour of TV at night was a pure waste of time. To be honest, while the sun is shining - or it is within social protocol to be calling people - that is true. Now, when I slow down, it is to enjoy a conversation with my fiance, or to enjoy a good dinner. I might get right back to work afterwards - either around the house or at my new business (I know, I know, "not another one!"). However my time spent slowing down is never wasted on something as forgetful as TV. Perhaps instead of a "dull week," I should have wished for better priorities. I think perhaps I have finally attained that.