Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Apes and Apples

The New York Times seems stunned by President Bush's handling of the "How We Got Here" scandal. Yes, we are still not sure whether or not the theory of evolution could possibly hold up to the stouter science of intelligent design - better known in religious zealot circles as creation. I know - we are all shocked. Imagine Bush, that self-professed Christian, supporting creation in classrooms! What is this world coming to when people actually act on what they believe - I think I may need medication. Think of it this way, New York Times folks, we already have creation going on at our public schools - just look at all the pregnant teenagers. Let's try introducing a little creation that doesn't involved tab A, slot B, and see how damanging it is to the kids. I have a hunch that our children might survive this religious zealotry vs. serious science and make it out on the other side without too much therapy. All sarcasm aside, I am an evolution-believing Christian. I don't care who says what, I still think any God that gives you science to trick you is a God I can't buy into. I do, however, believe that he had a lot of 'splainin' to do to the ancient folks, to whom atoms, matter, and energy were in a far future of understanding. Hence we have our woman-blaming hero, and our scapegoat woman (We've been understanding these dynamics since the beginning of time, I wager). What has never made any sense to me is why science fights a concept that can never be proved. What is the harm in believing that we aren't the greatest thing in this universe, and just maybe, something bigger than us had a purpose for us? Is it so harmful to the psyche to believe that we ain't the biggest thing since sliced bread? While they like to deny it, it is inherent in human beings to have purpose and to be needed. And if we are here by boo-boo of galactic dust, why continue? If this is as good as it gets, and our lives have no purpose outside of our own gratification, then what is the point? Think about it. Comments welcome.