Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Academic Freedom

I've spent the better portion of my time writing, though lately, it seems to be all school related. I am, however, proud to announce, that I will be graduating Dec. 10, 2005. This has been a 10 year journey, folks. Here is a little of the wisdom I've learned from being in school for 10 years. * Credits, when put together in the proper equation, can earn you a degree. Otherwise, they just earn you debt. * Assignments written in the last hours of class and/or during the wee hours of the morning are always the best. Procrastination is the only way, baby! * There are a lot of pointless classes available for exhorbitant fees. Avoid them if you value your sanity, even a little. * Electricity and metal poles don't mix. Oh, wait, that was a boyscout lesson.... * Professors believe they are God. Just bow down and adore them. * Dress well for class. You will always do better in class, and you might get a date in the process. * The treatment you receive in the beginning of enrollment will only get worse as your educational experience continues. * In matters of money, the institution wins. So does the government. Don't argue. Break something instead. Preferably something that won't earn you a police report and cell time. * Be friendly with the smartest person in class - they usually have great notes! * My final point of wisdom: don't annoy your professors. If they like you, they will like your papers. This BS about academic objectivity is exactly that: utter, and total bull-shit. So brown that nose - and watch that GPA take on new life. And to think, my Master's program beckons. I think I'll give it a year. In the meantime....I am accepting monetary donations in lieu of graduation gifts - I'll list my creditors in the near future - pick one and send them a little gift from me. It's been awhile.