Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Who Moved my.....Cheese?

I am reading "Who Moved my Cheese?" A friend recommended it, and I am starting to see why. (I'm thinking about recommending it to some of my liberal friends.) Change is difficult to handle, and hard to face. I as much as anyone like to control her surroundings and know what I am facing. But if you want more than the everyday struggle of existence, or even a change to a rut, you have to face the change of behaviors and circumstances. Ironically enough, when we talk about welfare, affirmative action, legislation....unless we are digging deeper into our hole, throwing more money into the pit that sucks the life out of our wallets, we do not want to consider change. We don't want to restructure, redo, or start over. We would rather continue with what we know, ever if it isn't working. It is a neurotic process, one that keeps us locked in motionlessness. If there is one thing I admire in others, it is the willingness to embrace change and take a step forward. That doesn't mean taking on a change without examining it to make sure it is sound. That is called foolishness. However, realizing that something must change in order to move ahead is called progress. Something we sorely lack in our political arena.