Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Speaking of Change

As I meditate on change, I'm realizing how much change is going on in my life. Not necessarily visible to those outside my sphere, but to those inside, I hope the change is palpable. Without going into specifics, I have been down for a long time. I reached a point at which the risk of the behaviors associated with my low motivations and thoughts became too great. Often we stay in our negative place too long due to the comfort it affords. When it threatens that which we value, we either change, believing that we will acheive a greater comfort in the long-run, or we stay the same, and lose that which we value. I've seen people perform both decisions, and the latter is not my preference. I've set upon a new and exciting path, with its challenges laid out before me....and some of those challenges seem like impediments impossible to overcome. If I fail - and there is every chance that I may - I will be a fool, though probably only to myself; others will probably discount it to my age (though I'm swiftly running out of that excuse!). If I succeed, I will have beat the odds and those that discourage me. Only time - and courage - will tell.