Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Doctor, Doctor

There is nothing more irritating to me than throwing my money down the drain. Yes, I'm a girl and we probably "waste" money on all sorts of things that are not necessary. I know, men would never imagine doing such a thing. I attended a doctor's office yesterday, using my sick leave from work. Besides lousy customer service (where are the days of friendly receptionists?!), I was basically told my problems could be this....or this. Neither one is appealing, but there is no emergency to worry about right now. It will probably get worse over time, but no need to rush into surgery. Of course, he may be wrong, and really my problems are actually something else, but who can be sure? And this was the specialist. Interesting, because my family doctor was confident what the problem was. After four tests, much poking and prodding and nausea - and even more lousy customer service - in an array of different clinics and hospitals, my family doctor felt very sure that I should see this specialist and prepare for surgery. Perhaps, this surgeon is just protecting himself against a lawsuit, and being extra cautious. I was, however, irritated. So now I am back to not really being sure what is wrong with me, except that I DO think I know. Now I am supposed to wait and see. And I paid $25 in a copay, just to be told they are still not sure. I could have gone to dinner on that money, darn it.