Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hot Bed

Little did I know my question regarding the "child abuse" of having gay parents seek out surogate mothers would create such a stir. See here - the comments are specifically juicy reading. My own thoughts on the matter.... I agree with GaryH. There are plenty of unwanted children - why do we have to create more? I feel that way about anyone seeking out surogate wombs. I find the practice abhorrent. To think that any woman can carry a child in her body and then bear it....and not have any attachments? If that is the case, she is one sick woman. If you can't have your own, adopt a child. If a child needs a home, I don't care if the adoptive parents are two cats. If they can fill out the paperwork and provide a proper home, by all means, do so. A shaking head to Smallholder.... My dear friend, if the good professor is a bigot, then so are you. And me, for that matter. There are many issues you and I will not change our minds on. We stubbornly hold onto these ideas, even though others would say we should change our minds, according to their logic. Keith has his opinion based on his own logic. I don't share his feelings towards gay parents. I do, however, believe that surrogacy is a sick practice, and absolutely offensive. It takes the process and sanctity of bearing children and makes it into a capitalist venture. Sorry, I don't have the taste for such crass behavior. I don't think you or I or Keith are bigots, because we hold to our own logic. Those who hold to no logic and refuse to see reason are bigots, in my mind.