Thursday, June 02, 2005

Higher and Deeper

Did you ever stick your foot in something, because you thought you knew what you were getting into, and then suddenly, it spirals into something you never intended? Ally be knee-deep, and I seem to be digging my hole even deeper. Let me say, on my behalf, I have been out of the loop for several months now. Due to some personal and employment reasons, I've been careful and lax on my posting. Letting things die down, if you will. So I was not aware of the relationships that have changed and strained and been built during my absence. Imagine my surprise.... Smallholder, whose logic and wit I enjoy immensely, has posted in response to an e-mail/posting of mine. You can read his response here. My original damning post can be read here. The next good couple of feet of my hole was dug here. Can I just keep my mouth shut and not respond? Oh, dear readers - that I could. However, my interinsic make-up is not one that can stay quiet. First, let me show my bias: Keith Burgess-Jackson is who got me started blogging. Without his input and talent, I would never have found my passion of writing. It was long lost, and would have stayed that way, I'm sure, due to my incredible insecurity over my literary skills. In addition, he was kind enough to help me get started, and plugged me at every opportunity. In a world that was young at the time, giving a fellow blogger a plug was no big deal. Now, in the much harsher, near-regulated world of blogging, any comment by a blogger of note is hard-won. Keith has been graciousness itself. As anyone will tell you, I am intensely loyal. Keith is still one of my favorite bloggers, and I admire his tenacity and discipline. Okay, onto digging my own grave: Smallholder has several excellent points. (One of my favorite things about this blogging cowboy is his logic and talent at experessing it.) To his credit/downfall, Smallholder relies on data and research to uphold his beliefs. In many ways, he is the wiser of any of us for doing so. I tend to rely on my inner logic and experience in life to determine my beliefs. In my jaded view, data is easily tweaked to say what we want it to say, so I tend to be resistant to such things. I rely on observation and some data to determine my thoughts and opinions. As for the bigotry charge.... I happen to disagree with Keith, for example, on the status of animals. My dog is my dog. I own her butt, and I better be described as her owner. If I'm her companion, then she can start paying half the bills. If there are humans and dogs to be saved from a burning building, the humans come first. And when it comes to social issues, I'll give some concern to animal abuse, but no more than I have for the abuse of children and people. In this aspect, I guess Keith is a bigot, as his reasoning, to me, seems far-fetched and unreasonable. I am relatively certain that Keith would disagree with that description of him. In the situation of the gays marrying and adopting....I can't honestly make that kind of judgment. I have found Keith's logic on the situation interesting, though not convincing. I disagree - I use different logic to come to my conclusions on gay marriage and adoption. I am, however, open to discussion and can be persuaded if the argument is one with which I can find logic. That Keith may not be open to that....perhaps not. I find him steadfast on his beliefs. I think there is room in this world for those who are bigots, vs. those who are open to change. I would rather have someone like Keith, from whom I can always know what to expect (let's not forget that his conservatism has been a hard-won journey), AND some like Smallholder, from whom I get discussion and debate, than lose either one of those personalities. I guarantee, the founding of this country was based more on those who lived by the conviction of their beliefs, without being persuaded otherwise, than those who were open to changing their minds. So I'll take both, and learn from both. On another end, I'm not letting Smallholder out of this one. You thought I missed it, dear friend, but you failed to comment on whether or not women who are surrogates is a concerning practice, or one which we should embrace. Hit me with your logic. Now I'm going to bury my head and wait for the fall-out.