Thursday, June 02, 2005


I was having a discussion with Bill today via e-mail about surrogate mothers. Honestly, I find the practice abhorrent, not to mention slightly ridiculous. Just imagine a husband rushing his laboring wife to the hospital and proclaiming, "She's having a baby!" The nurses are now going to look at him skeptically and ask, "Is it yours, or should we notify the bank?" How any woman can have children and not love them as her own is baffling to me. It is against nature, and there is NO example in the animal world for such behavior. There is a larger issue at hand. Consider this: we allow and cajole and demand and insist and sue and pass laws to have our way. We demand our rights, while ignoring the future results. I want a child, so therefore I must have a child. I'm not married, I can't afford the child, but I want one. So much for what is best for the child, eh? We dare not tread on the rights of sex offenders, as we stomp on the fear of their victims. We spend more money than we have, using credit cards and loans, and then screw the banks, because after all, they're big places. They can afford it. If you look back on the founding of this country, the men that signed the Declaration of Independence took on a death sentence. In addition, they knew they were signing onto something that they would never see realized in their lifetime. Imagine the courage, the foresight, the love of country and future family those people must have had. We have established a new democratic government overseas, and now we demand that it be perfected within years, rather than decades! Can you imagine where we would be if those who came before us were so impatient? So selfish? We'd all be British citizens right about now. Or perhaps Nazis?