Monday, June 27, 2005

Equal Distribution of Common Sense

I recently heard the argument for ending discrimination as starting with the equal distribution of wealth.  I'm looking at this highly educated, very intelligent individual and thinking, "Are you just having a stupid moment?  Or what?"  Then I noticed all the nodding heads around me.  I was the minority, apparently.  People honestly think that Socialism is the answer.  It is as though Animal Farm was never written.  Can you imagine?  The concept that destroying ambition and desire for more in human kind will solve discrimination.  Have we learned nothing from the past?  If you take away one thing, we will find another with which to abuse others.  You cannot fight human nature.  You can contain it, work within it, and appreciate what it is.  But you can not legislate it.
I love Star Trek: Next Generation.  It is my all-time favorite television show.  I have all the episodes on DVD and all their movies.  (Lest anyone not take my loyalty seriously - I do not, however, go to conventions....though if one were close enough to home....)  I love that concept of life....everyone working for the good of the universe.  I got news for you....that is why it is called "fiction."  It isn't real.  We will never have the wonderful concept of selflessness, because are inherently selfish.  You have to want to push beyond that natural instinct in order to achieve greater goals....but in essence, we are still selfish, even when working for others.  We still want the recognition and/or benefit of our actions.  To believe in some fairyland otherwise, is foolishness.  That is why I believe we are still here - still fighting up hill.  Those that could change it are too busy trying to create a utopia that will never exist.