Friday, June 03, 2005

Bigot: Revisited

I seem to have gotten under the skin of the poor Minister of Propoganda at Naked Villainy. Well, MP, a quick correction to your assumptions, as I just can't resist. Your reference of bigot is a tad bit different than the definition that I researched before applying the title. So while your defense of your friend is admirable, it is certainly nothing to get up in arms about. I am sure you are NEVER obstinately attached to your views, but I fear some of us lesser folk are, on occasion. Note: I truly have never found Smallholder to be a bigot, by any standard. I was bothered by his accusation of the Analphilosopher, and suggested that we are all stubborn on some things, hence the use of the term, bigot. His explanation of his thoughts were well-defined and I now see where he is coming from. Whether or not I agree.... Upon rethinking the whole situation, I'm impressed by MP. I don't give him enough credit, I think.