Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Car

I just recently purchased a new car. (Yes, I kept my truck.) As anyone may have experienced, going into a car dealership is about as much fun as going to your in-laws' family dinner. You go in braced for the worst, and when you find it, do your best to preserve your sanity. So I decided to go for a Saturn. I personally find the "no haggle" attitude is bullsh**. It is better termed "prices firm." Nonetheless, I found the experience refreshing. I told them what I wanted to put down, what I wanted to pay per month, the deal they advertised I was interested in, and what options I wanted on the car. That is exactly what I got. There was no pressure, and I walked out two days later with a brand new Ion-1. I love the little thing, and the sales guy could not have been less pushy. The sales guy also does all the finance work, so you are not turned over to those terrifying individuals: finance managers. So on one hand, I paid full price for the vehicle, but on the other hand, I got exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. And in my book, you can't beat that.