Thursday, May 26, 2005

Equal Rights

I was watching a story last night on CNN. It was about a Dallas, TX woman who went to have her contraceptive prescription filled at a CVS, and was turned down. The pharmacist did not believe in using contraceptives, and therefore would not fill prescriptions for them. As part of the pharmacist "creed," they are not required to fill prescriptions for medications they feel are morally wrong - this is allowed by law in 4 states. So CNN interviews this attractive blonde woman who is standing up for your right to have your prescription filled without fear.

Wow. I have to admit, I've never worried about having my prescription filled, or someone limiting my right to my birth control. There again, I've never had a problem going elsewhere for something I need. For example, last night I went to my local, privately-owned pet store (for the record, they don't sell dogs or cats, but have adoption services) to buy my dogs' Purina One Sensitive Stomach dog food. They didn't have it. I asked the sales clerk if they were going to get it back in. He didn't know, and I'm not sure they are ever going to carry it again. Of course, I walked down the strip mall to the grocery store, and bought my dogs' food there. But still....I'm thinking about picketting, so that everyone should have the right to buy their dog food without fear.