Monday, May 02, 2005

The Center of the Universe

Something I've noticed in my recent experiences with the under-10 set. We cater to our children to the point that they no longer realize the world does NOT revolve around them. Just imagine being a kid today. Being a good parent seems to mean buying them more than they ever know what to do with, making every event about them, and allowing them to act as they want to. I'm convinced I should never have children - I'll end up locked up! You want to hit your sister? One more time, and I'll show you what it means to be hit! I am not talking about abusing them or slapping them around. But if I ever would have punched someone or hit someone, my mother would have made sure I knew what it felt like to have it done to me. She only had to slap me one time before I never talked back again. I don't agree with slapping or pulling hair, but a well-placed slap on the tush till its rosy-red seems like a good idea to me. Maybe I'm just missing the boat on this one.