Saturday, May 07, 2005

Anorexic and Happy

This is just disgusting. (Link courtesy of the AnalPhilosopher.) First off, I don't want the government interfering with the way I choose to eat. If I want to eat all junk food, that is my prerogative. And yes, my insurance can pay for any complications. I work my butt off for my money and my benefits - and what I do that is unhealthy by eating, you might do by lifting things that are too heavy, smoking too much, not getting enough sleep, etc. Grief, what about this genetic link to obesity? You might be genetically prone to not being healthy and costing the health ins. companies more money. So I don't want to hear about it. Second, what government study is going to fix weight problems? Some people just eat too much or enjoy eating too much. And some of us eat too much due to other emotional issues. We can either kill ourselves, drug ourselves, or feed ourselves. Which would you prefer? No government program is going to fix that. That is personal, and something no elected official is going to find all-encompassing solution for. And third, define obesity. Obesity is now being defined by some as 30 pounds over your "ideal" weight. Let me tell you something - I know many, many people who are "overweight." And they are probably healthier than me. My best friend is "overweight," and she works out three times a week every week, religiously. She eats relatively healthy most of the time. I will bank on her health quicker than I'll bank on any skinny person's health. What frustrates the hell out of me is this: who is the government to tell us how to live our lives? Most of us know how to eat healthy. I'm not talking being nutritionists. But we know that we should eat our greens with less butter, our protein with less fat, and our starch with more fiber. We know this - we just don't like to. Some of us don't, anyway. We'd rather eat pizza and french fries. And that is my God-given right, and if you don't like it....well, I won't say it, but I think you can figure it out. So Ex-Prez Clinton and his eating healthy gang (gotta love it coming from McClinton) can take a hike. This is my life, to live as I want to. And I DO eat healthy - when and where I feel like it.