Monday, April 04, 2005

Realities of Ourselves

I spent three years in a living hell; another 22 years being abused. I learned a lot in a quarter of a century. One of the most important lessons I learned is the cruelty we as humans are capable of. We don't like to face it - after all, aren't we beyond that? Certainly YOU would never do such atrocious things....yet we are all capable of atrocities. I've noticed our hoity-toity attitudes towards those who are criminals, those who have fallen outside the lines of acceptability. Yet few of us realize that we are only the death of a loved one away from being a criminal. Could you kill someone? What if they sexually abused your child? Could you drive drunk, sell drugs, or be addicted to pain killers? What if your spouse died suddenly? Or suffered a terrible death? We are capable of being monsters. Each one of us has it in us. I am not referring to patholocial behaviors, but crimes of passion and misery. Most of us are able to control that part of us where the most furious of emotions hide. And if you push someone hard enough, you can drive them to behaviors you - nor they - would have thought them capable of. Before you turn your nose up, or think yourself better, consider your life and your choices. And imagine a few of those choices made for you, in circumstances you would never want to experience. Then take another look. I'm not suggesting that we are all criminals waiting for the opportunity. I'm saying that we are all capable of evil - some of us have the privilege of choosing not to.