Friday, April 08, 2005


As many of you know, I get very frustrated when people hurt children, for their own benefit. One thing I will never understand is when, in divorce situations, people purposely use the children and the children's emotions to their advantage. Children are so vulnerable, and so trusting of the adults around them. Bringing up your personal issues and frustrations with your current or ex-partner in front of your children is just cruel. Bad-mouthing and lying about their parent, whom you now can't stand, is just nasty. (And remember, at one point, you thought this atrocious person was fantastic enough to date/marry/sleep with, so they can't be that bad - or else you were just plain stupid.) Manipulating your children in order to hurt their other parent or making that parent out to be some sort of monster is disgusting. And your children will see it later on, when they are older and able to understand....and they'll know exactly who the monster truly was.