Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Get Over It

I was just perusing this post and the comments. Maybe because I am dealing with similar sentiments, but I find it almost amusing to listen to people give advice that involves "get over it." There are some situations that require that: road rage, for example. However, when you've been dealt a blow, it is not that easy to "get over it." Imagine having a child, loving that child more than your own life, and then having someone else lie and convince that young, innocent child that you are a monster. How forgiving are you supposed to feel? Let me pose this another way: how are you "getting over" the 9/11 attack? Are you feeling warm-fuzzies towards terrorists? Okay, how about just feeling "over" them? After all, they are still a threat to us. They are still doing evil. I can't blame Acidman for being angry. It is not as if it has been 20 years and his wife has had no influence in his life. He is still very much in the nightmare. You can't ask someone to get past the drunk driver that just killed their child, when they are at their child's funeral.