Sunday, April 03, 2005

Death of a Man

I have heard several people comment that, "What is the big deal? The pope was just another person." (No, these were NOT Catholics.) To a certain degree, those of us who are not Catholic have little to nothing to do with the faith (directly), and probably could not care less about the leader of the Catholic church. While I'm not Catholic, I do appreciate and mourn the loss of the Pope, though I am glad it is passed. It is time for a new leader, and we can only hope that they choose well. I cannot respect the office of the Pope, in that I find it ridiculously politcal, and having one man in charge of a religion that so many follow seems foolhardy. Hence, why I prefer a Republic in which to live. Nonetheless, while many turn up their non-denominational noses at the Pope, I like the idea of a united church. He is the face of the leadership, and while a bit terrifying, it does ensure a certain amount of consistent belief in the church. Try finding two Baptist churches that follow the same tenets of faith, and you'll see what I mean. So I join the Catholic church members in their sorrow, and hope that the next leader is also a wise choice.