Friday, April 08, 2005

Blogger Annoyances

As I've alluded to on more than one occasion, my blog has gotten me into trouble. Whether it be in the work place, or outside of it, having a blog, especially one on which you list your name and city of residence, can be a liability. My blog is monitored by people I would prefer not to read it. However, that is nothing I have any say in or can prevent, so that is life, as they say. Nonetheless, I take great pride in my writing, and no one anywhere is going to make me stop. I will never stop sharing my thoughts and ideas, as long as others are interested. For those of you out there for whom your blog poses a personal threat or risk to you, I stand with you. You have a right to your opinion and thoughts, and it is the freedom for which our nation is known for. You go with your "bad" selves.