Tuesday, March 08, 2005


My friend, the Wiz, suggested I give updates on my move since I can't figure out what to write on lately....though after listening to Ted Kennedy spout about the minimum wage and how employers should have to pay more money because of others' misfortunes (or stupidity), I think I may have found my spark. Now I just have to find the time.

The main reason I haven't been posting is two-fold: one, I'm taking a Statistics and Quantitative Methods course in school, and it is whooping my butt. So I have little time to do anything else! And for a second excuse, I considered giving up my other business towards the end of last year, given that it was not going anywhere and the work is outside - I HATE cold weather. Well, scrap that idea. My client base has doubled in the last three weeks, word-of-mouth advertising finally paying off. So I am working 6 days a week, and I may have to move to 7 if this keeps up! I am quitting my other part-time job, so when I am no longer doing that (Come on, 3/18/05!) I'll be human again. Maybe.

My move has gone well, though my luck is debatable. I have had two car accidents, a stone that hit my windshield and left two cracks, pulled my tendon (?) in my finger, and yesterday, I fell off my porch (assisted by my canine companion who shall be in the dog house for days to come). So....I am close to being afraid to get up in the morning!

I do love my new place. As soon as we have some normalcy in the decorating progress (ie. less packing material being used as horizontal surfaces), I'll post some photos. It is good to be in my own place.

I should be able to post a little tonight, and I have several comments to make! As if that is something new....