Friday, March 18, 2005

Thoughts on Schiavo

It is unclear how much time the family will have. The effects of such feeding tubes being removed can be seen by the third or fourth day, when the patient's mouth begins to look dry and the eyes appear sunken. From days five to 10, respiration becomes irregular with periods of very fast and then very slow breathing. By the final days, kidney function declines, toxins begin accumulating in the body, and multiple organ systems fail from lack of nutrition.
Source I'm sorry, Smallholder. I was almost convinced. You nearly had me rethinking my stance. However, I can't agree with you. Here's why. 1. There is no living will stating that Terry Schiavo wanted to be taken off life-support in the event that she was left in a "coma or unresponsive" state. We ALL have a right to life, as set forth in our Declaration of Independence. It is not up to her husband to determine her quality of life, or her ending. We have seen surprising cases in the past, heard from people in comas from whom we thought we would never hear another word. If she had a living will, then so be it. She doesn't. I would never agree with someone being taken off their FOOD SUPPLY and allowed to starve. She will starve to death. 2. There are too many odd things about Michael Schiavo and his behavior to believe he is anything more than a man who wants to kill his wife - or at least be rid of her while still maintaining the power. He never remembered this wish of hers to be taken off life-support until he received the insurance money. He claimed he wanted to take care of his beloved wife for the rest of her life. Then he got the money. She was given no further therapy, and he signed a no-resuscitation form. She has had infections and illnesses from which she could die, and he has denied her treatment. He does not allow anyone to brush her teeth or turn on a TV in her room. He could divorce her, give her to her parents, and get on with his life, but instead, he insists on starving her. I find that disgusting. HE HAS NO PROOF THAT SHE WANTED TO BE TAKEN OFF FOOD IN SUCH AN EVENT AS THIS. If he did, you would hear nothing from me. 3. We treat animals in this country with more respect than how we are treating Terry. We are not injecting her for a quick death, we are going to let her suffer. Doctors don't think she can feel pain, yet nurses report she moans in pain during her menstrual cycle. We would never imagine starving a dog to death. Yet we will do it to another human being. 4. And yes, I do think doctors can be paid off, or mislead. I've seen it happen in my own life - were they paid off? Who knows. Perhaps they are absolutely correct, and all she has for brains in spinal fluid. She still has the right to eat as long as she is able to process food. I honestly can't even believe this is an argument. She has no living will, no proof of what Michael claims, and she has people willing to pay for her care. I think Michael is a scum bag, a skank, and an unholy monster. And I'm being nice tonight. If you want to go have children with another woman, fine - but for God's sake, get divorced first. His behavior is highly suspicious, and he has no problem lying on national TV (we are going to remove her nutrition, but we are not going to starve her?!). We will have to agree to disagree on this one, my friend. And hope we never are put in such a situation.