Friday, March 11, 2005


Ooo, I don't have time to address this right now, I'm going to see the movie Robots with my boyfriend and his children. However, I will be addressing you directly regarding this issue. I have two brief comments: 1. Lose the smug "" around "conservative." First off, you don't have to be conservative to disagree with Schiavo case. Second, what is wrong with being conservative? I don't describe you as a "liberal" as that indicates there is something odd about being a liberal. Ooo, you can be glad you are not in the same room with me! 2. Let's be clear - my issue is not with the right to life bullshit that everyone is bandying about. My issue is with removing her FEEDING tube and letting her die without ever letting her have some therapy. The woman is said to be talking, and may be able to swallow. SHE HAS NO LIVING WILL SAYING SHE WANTS TO DIE. We are going to starve her - that is my issue. By all means, if she had a living will stating Michael's case, then so be it. But he has not allowed her to have regular female exams, has not allowed her parents to visit her on several occasions, and has not given her therapy. She is not on life-support. She breaths on her own. She is being fed by tube because no one has tried to feed her by hand. That is my issue. I love ya, but I'm still going to beat you senseless. Or sensible, as the case may be. I'm off to see a movie.