Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Raising the Bullshit

Ever seen that ad "Raising the bar?" It is for a certain cellular service, and let me tell you - all they are raising are their prices. I can barely believe the barrel they have you over with these contracts. I switched from AT&T to Cingular because I had to - I was charged $18 for the switch (remember, I had no choice, I had to switch) and then found myself with little calling radius, lousy signals, and a lesser plan for more money. I've had phone calls I've never received, a boyfriend who charged into my house in the middle of the night, picturing visions of me dead in my bed because he called my phone dozens of time and I never responded. I have clients who can't reach me, voicemail that rarely work. I've exchanged phones, called the help line, etc. I'm stuck in a contract for TWO years. Raising the bar, my ass. More like, raising my temper.