Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Modern Day Virgin Sacrifices

I read and hear more and more about young girls abducted, molested, raped, murdered, and some combination thereof. Yet as I look around, I see young girls dressed provocatively: T-shirts displaying sayings like "sexy," "hot stuff," or "naughty," thongs in the kids' section of Old Navy, jeans for 5 year olds that are low rider or tight in the hip and thigh, high heeled shoes for young children, etc. I don't see these fashions in boys'clothing....but I see it as a constant in girls' clothing. Why are we sexualizing our young girls? Why are the feminists not up-in-arms over this pressure on young girls to be sexy or sexual instead of just enjoying their childhood and developing their minds? What are teaching our girls, other than to use their bodies to get attention? Apparently now children as young as 5 - girls, specifically - are now worred about dieting. For a society where women have fought for equality and appreciation for something more than just our bodies and what our bodies can produce, we seem to have lost all concept of what our ancestors fought for. And our next female generation will pay the price.