Sunday, March 13, 2005

First, let me say that Robots is excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, to get back to Smallholder and his inane posts. ::winks:: I have to admit, the Terry Schiavo situation leads me to examine what I believe and what I would want in a similar situation. I think most of us do as we listen to the story. I've been following the Schiavo case for several years now. Here is what I have come to understand, though of course, we can not guarantee the truth: 1. Terry is not in a persistent vegetative state. She is brain damaged, and has had no therapy. I have seen video footage of Terry smiling and laughing, holding her mother's hand, and looking in her mother's eyes. Her parent's claim that they showed the footage to a doctor, who claimed he could work Terry and help her speak and regain movement again. The woman is brain damaged, so no, she is never going to be the Terry Schiavo she was. However, certainly, it is worth looking into the therapy that might help her regain a little of who she is. 2. Michael Schiavo has consistently tried to end Terry's life. There are nurses who took care of her who were willing to testify that he would call in and ask if "the bitch" had died yet. He was given the insurance monies, with which he swore he would take care of her and get her therapy - which he has not done. He has prevented her from having dental exams, female exams, etc. Her blinds are not allowed to be raised, and he frequently bans her parents from going to see her. And of course, he is living with another woman and has children with her. I'm not thinking he's a real good cheerleader to have on Terry's side. 3. The judge has never been to see Terry, and doctors who are paid for by Michael is the only testimony he has heard. I don't know if Terry is able to be rehabilitated. But certainly she should be given the chance. I find it hard to believe that her parents would not have fought for over a decade if all she was was a silent, still body. Something has kept them hanging on, giving them hope, and I tend to think it is the fact that others have viewed the camera footage they have and indicated that they believe Terry has hope. I've heard the doctors and their reports. Given that Michael has clearly conflicting interests, why shouldn't her family be in charge of Terry's fate? THERE IS NO LIVING WILL STATING SHE WANTED TO DIE IF IN SUCH A SITUATION. Life is precious. I don't know anyone who would want to live such a life, kept alive on tubes. However, if there is a chance of bringing someone back, unless they have clearly left directions otherwise (a comment made while watching a TV show does not count, folks), then it should be explored and valued. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Smallholder on this: Michael's character, while dubious and disgusting, has nothing to do with the case itself. People get caught up in hating him, and forget the reality and law of the case. Though, my dear Smallholder, don't you find it the least bit fascinating that Michael wants Terry cremated - yet another slap at the parents, in and of itself - in light of the parent's desires to have a posthumous exam of Terry's bone irregularities, which suggest he may have abused Terry?