Monday, March 14, 2005

Feel the Love

Unfortunely, Amy Ridenour is not feeling the love from her latest "non-fan." Read here. I love how we generalize about people. I don't know how Amy writes about the French. I've not been keeping up with my blog-reading over the last few weeks, due to life stresses - but I assure you, she is usually one of my daily stops! However, I try not to categorize people based on the media's portrayal, nor by their governments portrayal. After all, how likely was the world to really know what I believe when Clinton was president? We can only guess how other nations think based on their leaders - which may or may not be accurate. You cannot generalize about entire populations and think you are accurate - just as I do not care to be judged based on my political leaders, neither do I try to judge others that way (not that I don't fail miserably on occasion).