Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Customer Service

Has anyone besides me noticed how customer service has gone downhill on the "smaller" side of things and is picking up in some areas of the bigger corporation? I have always been irritated by the lack of service by big business, but lately, they've been treating me better than the mom's and pop's shops! For example, I was in a small, locally-owned grocery store this weekend, and picked up some yoghurt. When I got to the register and was placing my items on the belt, I noticed that my yoghurt was over a week expired. I showed it to the cashier. She told me I could take it to the service desk. I just looked at her. "But I'm standing in line." She looked irritated and stared at me. "I guess you can give it to me." Call me an old fogey, but I remember a day when the cashier would have been embarrassed for the store, apologized, and offered to get me a replacement item. This girl was ticked off that I had the nerve to suggest she should do anything at all. Ever noticed the personal conversations that are going on while you are waiting in line? I've stood in line while people had personal phone calls and would not possibly cut their phone call short just because I wanted to do business with their employer. Did I miss something, or do I need to start a basic manners course?