Monday, March 14, 2005

Alas - 'Tis the Sun I've Long Wished to See!

Let me tell you what a joy it is to be back to a normal schedule. Not that I'm sleeping well yet - I was awake at quarter 'til three this morning, and had a hard time sleeping until almost 6AM. That has been my paper route-runnin' time, and it will be awhile until I can convince my body otherwise. But at least I'm now back to the gym, and feelin' my oats. You don't realize what a treasure sleep is until you feel the lack. As some of you may know, I have a side business - I'm a pooper scooper! Yes, that's me, scoopin' the shit and playin' with dogs. I love dogs - I always have - and when I used to pet sit, it seemed like the perfect combination. I've since quit pet sitting, and now I just poop scoop on the weekend (see, you wondered why I was so tired?!). I'm finally seeing the lid pop off of my nearly year old business, and my clientelle is expanding daily. I'm not sure how we are going to keep up with it, but for those of you who have considered working for yourself, I cannot tell you the incredible pride and humility it brings to see your creation finally take flight. It feels damn good - and yes, even if you are scooping excrement! And yes, I have heard every joke in the book - though I'll give a hey-hurrah to anyone who can make a joke about my 2nd job that I haven't heard before.