Friday, February 04, 2005

Two-Way Speech

I found this link on the AnalPhilosopher's blog, and followed it to read the story. This is what free speech is about - you have the right to say whatever you want to say wherever you choose and whenever it suits you. And everyone else has the right to disagree with you. This guy spoke freely about how he felt about 9/11. That is his right. And people responded. It is a two-way street. People often act as though their right to free speech means your right is superceded. Sorry - that ain't the case, citizen. This is how the country is supposed to work: if you don't like what somebody does or says, then withdraw your money, write to them, call them, and let them know. (I don't hold with violent threats or acts of violence in situations such as these.) I guarantee, the threat of withdrawn contributions would have done the trick. So if he feels silenced, he missed the point. He can still say what he wants to - and so can everybody else.