Saturday, January 29, 2005

Who Moved My Cheese, er, Truth?

I was checking out other skins for my site today, in an effort to jazz it up a bit. Of course, simple is best, but I wanted something with some color, new graphics, ....I don't know, just something different. But after my last post, I changed my mind. The open eye seems very appropriate as my site "image." I think I took my blog name from the book, Who Moved My Cheese? It wasn't intentional - it just sounded good, and I used it. Then I saw the book, and realized from where I had pulled the phrase from. (I hate dangling participles!) Reality is, I thought I knew what was true in life when I was a teenager - didn't we all? And then I grew up, discovered how cruel people could be to each other, and I thought that was truth. People helped me out of no good reason outside of just being nice people - and I was lost. What is truth? Where did it go? It took me several years, but I realized that my truth, our truth, the truth of who we are as people, is up to us to protect. See, truth is a transient term - it has many different meanings to different people. The more we allow other people to control us - whether it is our significant others, our families, our government - the less of ourselves we have left. Our "truth" of who we are, erodes. On the dollar bill is a pyramid, with a single, ever-open eyeball. I'm told it is an Egyptian symbol, a Masonic symbol, a Pagan symbol. Whatever it may be, it should remind us what our duty is to this country and the freedoms we have acquired. Ever present, ever wary, and ever watchful sounds depressing, but in reality, it is what we must do as 9/11 showed us. Over the last two years, I have gotten two tattoos. They are both on my backbone, and I got them for a reason: I wanted something to live up to .... and of course, I had a rebellious streak that had been hidden since I was a teenager, so at 25, I figured it was about time to let it out - and I was stone-cold sober when I had them done. (I actually passed out the first time I had one done.) When people see them, they ask me what they say, as it is a line of several Chinese symbols. See if their meanings surprise you. Strength To Attain One's Goals To Defend and Protect