Saturday, January 29, 2005

What Will They See?

When I was a kid, I wrote a lot all the time. I would spend hours in my room, typing on a Brother word processor, or writing on notebook paper. Stories and stories were scattered throughout my drawers. I also liked to write song lyrics. I never could figure out the tune....but the lyrics were easy. I found one tonight when I was cleaning out a drawer, probably the only one I saved. I was probably 16 or 17 when I wrote it, and in the midst of questioning the faith I had been raised in - and being silenced by those who should have encouraged my desire to learn: my teachers. What Will They See? Life, it is so easy Gathering pieces here and there Choosing one phrase and another Creating a faith I perceive as fair Making deals, bargaining my life Knowing Christ will play my game What will I trade to have something else? Following rules I constantly change [Chorus] What will they see? Observing what I do so carefully My words, my life, my appetite Do I really shed some light? Stepping out of myself To look at me Through their eyes What will I see? Without the leap, without the fall Yet we preach supposed faith Brandishing our weakness like a trophy We present ouf version of love Looking in, I know you find it strange But I know what it is all about Shall I deal you in? Are you ready to play? Or are you going to sit this one out? Chorus (Background: Not of truth, but of pleasantries Not of mercy, but of doormats) The god we serve is of pleasantries, Not truth The lord we follow is a doormat, Forget mercy The Christ we portray is weak, Without strength Our rock is ground down to a pebble, Yet we serve it You light a candle, He is on his knees She follows traditions They read prayers Our children color pictures They don't understand How can we explain what we don't comprehend