Friday, January 21, 2005

A Waste of Time

I had an exchange with a friend earlier that got me to thinking. He did not know that I have a blog - and did not know that I am a prolific writer. I would rather write that watch TV, talk on the phone, etc. He insisted that bloggers such as myself were highly educated weirdos who spend their lives with their noses in books, on the computer 24/7, and with no concept of the real world. He sees blogging as a waste of time, writing for other weirdos who have nothing better to do with their time. I chuckled to myself, and I got to thinking: why do I blog? I think bloggers do it for any number of reasons, though I honestly believe most of us do it because we love to write - and read. It gives us an outlet, and because we can do it with some level of anonymity, you can gain others' opinions without having to be embarrassed. I blog because it allows me to write, to think critically, to examine my writing in a new way, and to converse with others. I've yet to find another arena where I can be as blatantly honest as I am in the blogsphere, and find educated discussion and debate, without name-calling and insecurity. Is my blog a waste of time, as my friend seems to think? Perhaps. It depends on how you look at it. I'm not getting paid to do it. And I don't get anything in return outside of my own enjoyment. But perhaps that is the point. I look at my blogging like I would any other hobby. I love to do it, and if my bills are paid and my family is happy, why not? And I learn a lot of writing and reading others' writings. I learn more about my writing styles, my philosophies, my goals in perhaps not a waste after all. So I will continue to blog. And if it is time wasted, well, it is my own time to spend. And I enjoy it.