Monday, January 17, 2005

'Tis a Holiday

I was raised on the fodder that Martin Luther King Jr. was a cheat and useless mouth piece for violent demonstrations. Imagine my shock when I started reading his speeches. I've not done the studying that I should have on his life, but what I have learned and read over the years has given me a strong respect and admiration for the man. We all have moments of courage under fire. They surprise us, and often, we are glad it does not happen often. In King's world, his courage was on trial at every moment, every public appearance, every time he faced "his own" and those who were not like him. Imagine riding that middle line, imagine being abused by the ones you are trying to protect - on both sides of the race line - and still managing to keep your takes a great man. And sometimes it seems we are a lesser nation because of his death. How much more could he have done? We are also a greater nation, because of his life.