Thursday, January 13, 2005

Radio Confessions

The Hatemonger's Quarterly has a post about the radio that hit a chord - though one slightly different than theirs (also, if you haven't caught up with their new age discoveries lately, you are missing some crystallized gems). Since I now deliver a paper route in the morning before work (to supplement my income and give my brain something slightly more stimulating to do than what my job requires), I listen to the radio non-stop. I start my route between 4 and 4:30AM, and finish a little before 6:30AM. Unfortunately, radio talk shows start in the middle of my route. Up until 5:30AM, the stations play what they were invented to play: music. And then, DJ's take over. While I appreciate a DJ's job, I was not aware their job involved informing everyone of their morning ablutions, what their significant other did the previous night to irritate them, or what other complications were involved in using their computer system to play noises in sync with their lame jokes. Seriously, who enjoys this stuff? If I want to hear someone else's problems that badly, I'll watch daytime TV or listen to Dr. Laura. In addition, many of these people do not get along with their cohosts, have voices I wouldn't want to hear over a Wal-Mart loudspeaker, lead incredibly boring lives (as evidenced by their recount of it every morning), and have a strong interest in the latest dumb-ass reality show. If I wanted to know what happened on last night's episode of "Lost," I'D HAVE WATCHED IT! Yeah, well, you try listening to this drivel at 5:30AM every morning and see if you don't get huffy! A little less talk and a lot more music is needed.