Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Positive and Negative

Have you ever noticed that it is hard to write about positive things? Perhaps even hard to read about them, if you think about it. I've had a hard time garnering ideas to post on lately because, well, I've little to complain about right now. Yes, I could regale you with tales about my health issues, but who wants to hear that until I'm at least 62? Life is good, for the most part ::scrambling for a piece of wood to bang on:: and the political arena is somewhat quieted down. On top of that, my computer is in the shop, so I can't surf the news. TORTURE! Look at the TV - what shows are hot right now? Anything that involves trauma, violent actions, and other sundry behavior - it is a hit show. Desperate housewives, CSI, reality TV.....the list goes on. Even Orange County Choppers is popular due to the dysfunction of the family. Remember "Leave It To Beaver"? Or the "Cosby Show"? They would be way too nice for today's TV critics. Rather sad.