Friday, January 28, 2005

Planet Blog

Another blogger I recently discovered (who discovered me first) has a view on blogging and its place in journalism. I would have to agree with him. Another in-depth look at blogging is presented by Acidman today. I've been interested in the question of why people "blog" or, as I like to term it, write. I have to agree with Acidman in that I too have been "saved" by my blog. Not in as drastic a way as him, but it has brought me into myself and my opinions, the way nothing else could have. And it has given me confidence in my writing and ability to reach people. Before I had my blog, I had opinions with no courage, thoughts without a voice, and reasoning with no value. Do I do it for myself or for others? It is all about ME, baby! Seriously - it really is. I love the fact that people read my writing. My ego goes sky high. Where else can I get this kind of critique? I look for things to write about that 1) get ride of an opinion that has been sitting on my chest, 2) makes me think, and 3) that I think will inspire others to think, too. Will I ever publish in the "real world?" I hope so - one day. But for now, and if this is all I ever have, I will be satisfied. Very satisfied.