Friday, January 21, 2005

Men Don't Think

Yes, here I go again. Whilst I was using the restroom at work, I overheard the conversation of two women (I was in the stall in between them). "Men don't think before they open their mouths," the one woman claimed. To which her cohort and another restroom visitor giggled voraciously over. The claimant countinued to expound upon that statement, repeating it 4 or 5 times as she continued her upbraiding of her boyfriend. I can come to several conclusions: 1. She is dating a mentally retarded male. Perhaps her boyfriend does not have full mental capacity; therefore, her statement may be entirely devoid of sexism and an accurate description of the mental processes her boyfriend goes through (or does not) before speaking. 2. She is dating an idiot. Thus she is not thinking either - otherwise she would choose to date someone who treated her with respect and did think before he opened his mouth. 3. She is a sexist pig, and because her boyfriend spoke his mind (no doubt, she insists that she wants him to be truthful with her at all times) and said something she did not like, she will lay full blame on him and play the wounded party. The conversation continued, as she claimed she would never say such a thing that would end in a "discussion" because she does think before she says something. I am sure everything she says is kind and thoughtful, and her boyfriend never lets things go in order to avoid an argument. Amazing, how wonderful women are, isn't it?